Merging our Future of Manufacturing Community with IIoT Use Case

A community-approach for manufacturing enthusiasts to learn from each other

Around one year ago, I sent out Issue #27 of my Future of Manufacturing Newsletter and announced that I’m building a community for people who are interested in the future of manufacturing. It was an idea I had for a long time. My Future of Manufacturing Newsletter has enabled me to meet lots of interesting people throughout the years and I always thought there should be a way to facilitate n:n connections in this field.

Our first landing page in February 2021
That’s the template everybody used to introduce themselves

Scaling the community to 200+ people from 20+ countries

To facilitate more engagement, I started doing virtual events regularly. Over the next few months, I invited more people, did many more events, added new channels, a community directory, and a content library to store the community content.

Some statistics we shared in December 2021 on Social Media

I’m convinced more than ever that such a community needs to exist — it’s just not me building it anymore

While all of the community work was going really well, other things changed over time. In mid-February, our community manager Maria went into maternity leave. At the same time, we shifted our focus at Aveo more on building our software product. And for now, we’re also moving away from manufacturing with Aveo (I cannot wait to tell you more about that soon).

Philipp and Kartik meeting for beers somewhere in a small German industrial town

Thank you everyone who has been part of this ride so far

I wanted to take the last part of this post to thank every community member who helped (me) us to build, shape, and grow this community. This community would not be what it is without you. I know that the future of manufacturing is bright — especially because of all of you who are working on it.



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Robin Dechant

Robin Dechant

Co-Founder @Kwest. Previously invested in SaaS & Marketplaces @PointNineCap, now by myself. Running and living in Berlin.